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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rumors & Innuendo about Tom Lennon in Panama - 2003

First of all, the only reason I have finally included the "Tom Lennon - Panama Stories" in my blog as well as done some minor "Search Engine Reputation Management" or "SERM" (yes that is really an acronym in the Internet business world) was due to the fact that I was tired of having to explain all this rigmarole every time someone from my business or personal life came to me after doing a Google search. I hope this information is helpful, insightful and entertaining...

Today I was sent a post by Don Winner from the Panama-Guide.com. I don't know Don but I have spent some time on his Panama-Guide.com. People in the U.S. and elsewhere are just beginning to realize the incredible opportunities in Panama. Don has done a great job at pulling together meaningful information and has written some great pieces. Well it seems that Eric Jackson from the Panama News has found my "rebuttal" to stories published in his Panama News by himself and Okke Ornstein. I don't know Eric but I always have empathy for someone who is bootstrapping their business and trying to keep the enterprise alive. After all, that is the core of what being an entrepreneur is all about. However, I do not condone clear breaches of ethics and a lack of integrity around operating that enterprise. I am not one to judge anyone but I always try to be conscious of the things I say and the ramifications those statements may have on others or the world in general. It is also extremely important that when you put yourself in a journalistic position that you exercise the utmost in integrity and accuracy. That is why we have slander and liable laws in the United States.

More Astounding Hipocrisy from Eric Jackson
Sunday, December 16 2007 @ 07:49 PM EST
Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - Today Eric Jackson writes - "McMurrain associate Tom Lennon is joining the Internet crusade with Don Winner, Roger Gallo et al in trashing me and Okke and this Nazi-style repetition of scurrilous charges will work if not steadfastly challenged." Eric Jackson has publicly admitted he suffers from Bipolar Disorder (formerly known as manic depression). In addition, he admits that he is both untreated and is not taking any medications for mood stabalization or depression. Many people who suffer from this disease which affects some 5.7 million Americans, refuse treatment because the medicines used eliminate both the "highs" (manic cycles) as well as the "lows" (depressive cycles.) "Symptoms of manic states are varied and include restlessness, increased energy, euphoric mood, racing thoughts, poor judgment, intrusive or provocative behavior, difficulty concentrating, and a decreased need for sleep. People experiencing manic episodes often speak very rapidly, seem overly irritable, and may have unrealistic beliefs about their own power and capability. (more)

If Not Steadfastly Challenged? Remember, this statement comes from the guy who (literally) went "nuts" and began an all-out assault on me personally and on all of my sponsors the minute I launched Panama-Guide.com as an English language news website. Don't believe me? Go back and check out the stuff he was writing about the Tucan Country Club, my first significant sponsor, in the end of 2004 and early 2005. He tried to tie their funding to the Watergate scandal. Obviously, the product of a sound mind.

Why Would He Do That? Jackson perceives Panama-Guide a threat, both personally and professionally. Is he being paranoid? See this definition: - "More recently, the clinical use of the term has been used to describe delusions where the affected person believes they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements: 1. The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur, to him or her. 2. The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm." Now, please go back and read the opening paragraph of this article again.

"Nazi-style Repetition of Scurrilous Charges" Actually, I have only filed criminal charges against Okke Ornstein for criminal defamation and slander. I don't know what Ornstein's particular brand of "nuts" is, but I know from personal experience that he's explosively violent - he repeatedly rammed by car, trying to drive me off of the road, simply because I found his house. I needed to know where he lived in order to file a criminal complaint against him. Clyde Jenkins has also filed several criminal complaints for slander, to which Ornstein replied with death threats. Nice guy. And if anyone is using the "Nazi-style repetition of scurrilous charges" it's Jackson, who has not shut the hell up about me or my website since the day I launched it.

Little More Than Weak Journalism: Okke and Eric have made a whole lot of enemies over the years, and some of the people they have written about fully deserved their attention. The problem comes when they prove their inability to discern truth from their own fiction and are unable to reach a type of objective balance in their reporting. I've gotten sucked into several disputes in which people had a desire to "use" the media for their cause, and after a time of investigation I've determined that both sides have their points and that eventually the dispute will be resolved in court. At that point I press on to the next story. Eric and Okke have been crowing about one case (basically) for several years. It's not "news" but basically "olds." Boring drivel. They begin to take things personally, rather than being an objective observer who is simply telling the story so that others can know what's going on. In short, they are not very good journalists.

You Don't Have To Be Nuts To Be A Journalist... But it helps. Like, "just because we're a paranoid schizophrenic doesn't mean they're not out to get us." In reality it takes an inquisitive mind - the kind of person who can sit around and play the "what if" game until you come up with the plausible scenarios that could be going on. Of course, then you have to do the hard part - go get the proof and verification of your wild-assed theory. We're playing those games right now with the Darwins and the missing canoeist guy.

Having An Effect: I have been saying for years that both Eric and Okke would be best served by forgetting all about me and my website and worry about their own endeavors. I have learned, however, that I can't allow their consistent attacks to stand unchallenged. I know that the rest of you people out there who just want to read the news would be much happier to never read one of these kinds of stories again. And, the only person happier would be me, if I never had to write one. I decided a long time ago that I am not willing to just "let it go" any longer, and every time this crap comes up I will answer it. Regular readers are not surprised. Now, with all of that having been said, "Go Giants!" Time for something really important.

Copyright 2007 by Don Winner for Panama-Guide.com. Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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