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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Great Entrepreneurial Story

Here is a story about a classmate of mine from Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia. As many struggle through this very difficult transition for the US and other first world economies to a truly global economy driven by offshore collaborative knowledge workforces and global wage equalization, Forrest's story of taking the adversity of losing his job/career with a large multinational corporation, embracing new media marketing and turning his entrepreneurial dream into a successful venture should make all stand up and take note. This is a prime example of adapting to an inevitable and fundamental shift in how we approach starting and running a business. He was staring a pretty dire situation in the face but as he states, "it's how you react" to the cards that life deals you. Instead of allowing the panic of being unemployed with several mouths to feed overwhelm him, he took a step back, embraced the global shift, realized that he had a multitude of free tools to help him market not just to the folks in Helen, Georgia (with a resident population of less than 1,000) but to the almost 6.8 billion residing on this planet. Now that's entrepreneurial thinking! 

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