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Thursday, March 13, 2008

StomperNet Set to Re-open Later This Spring!

How to make more money with less traffic...

Watch this video to see the frightening true story.


This REALLY Happened. StomperNet co-founder Brad Fallon's Wedding Favors site was DUMPED from Google.That's HALF his traffic, HALF his sales, and HALF his entire business. Gone! Just Gone.

What did he do? Brad went and had the best 6 months EVER - without a home page listing in Google. You can watch how he did it, here: Watch Video...

BTW, this is one of StomperNet's now famous Going Natural Videos, a brand new on, in fact. If you haven't seen these kinds of videos before, you're in for a hard-core learning experience. Dan Thies, StomperNet Faculty and SEO Expert, took a million bucks worth of collected data and developed, implemented and PERFECTED a PPC strategy that SAVED Brad's company. What Dan did is crazy - it's nuts - it goes against EVERYTHING in the PPC book. This is a NEW BOOK, and Dan and StomperNet wrote it. You can't read it - but you can also watch... It's for ALL Experience Levels - Expert and Newbie.But don't just take my word for it - go hear about it from the guys who engineered the strategy - they've got the NUMBERS to back it up. Don't miss this video, or you'll miss the chance to DOUBLE your income from PPC - or if you AREN'T doing PPC now, this is the best way to start RIGHT.

Thanks all,


P.S. They've got more videos in this series in the works already, so if you want to see more incredible instructional videos like this (that you WON'T see ANYWHERE ELSE) - be sure to opt-in on the video page and confirm your subscription.

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StomperNet Internet Marketing University - Going Natural 2.0

The first product announcement and launch from our internet marketing gurus at StomperNet for 2008 was - SMARTS (Social Media Marketing Training). From beginner tutorials to the most advanced internet marketing information, StomperNet is renown for the following disciplines: (1) Search Engine Marketing (SEM). StomperNet's expert faculty represents the very best Search Engine Optimization talent in the country. (2) Customer Usability, Testing and Analytics. How to deploy tracking mechanisms and analyze data in order to increase visitor value and ultimately, conversions and sales. (3) E-Store (E-Commerce) Creation.

Registration for StomperNet Going Natural 2.0 opened on January 11th and SOLD OUT IN ONE WEEK! StomperNet may be opening up later this year... So Stay Tuned! More...

If you missed out this time you can get overview information at the following links:

1) Social Media Marketing - StomperNet White Paper

2) SMARTS (Social Media Marketing - Free Video)

3) If you missed the"SMARTS" Coaching Program