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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

StomperNet Going Natural 3.0

SUBJECT - StomperNet members show us how they "did it"

Here's 3 short videos (combined into one) from the StomperNet gang, and this time, no expert faculty or staff to watch. Click here for Videos

These videos are from real MEMBERS of StomperNet, and they're going to tell you EXACTLY what they accomplished, and HOW they got these results. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

Video 1 - Kristie is going to show you how she went from making $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month - in 45 days. She made $75,000 last holiday season, too! She's learned this stuff so well she's now an expert e-Biz consultant in her home town. And, oh yeah, she started this 18 months ago.

Video 2 - Cassia is going to show you how she started with making only $5,000 a month - and she had been struggling at her business for YEARS. She and her husband Steve got the "Home Study Course" videos when they signed up for StomperNet, and the next month, they DOUBLED. 3 Months later, they hit $27,000 a month, and have been holding there - even while Cassia had a baby and they moved to their dream home in Colorado.

Video 3 - Chris is going to show you how he was virtually killing himself - getting up at 4:45am - 7 days a week, to be a personal trainer at a gym. When Chris joined StomperNet Andy Jenkins couldnt figure out whether he was just a guru groupie, or dead on serious.

Turns out, he was NOT JOKING about his business. Today, he's got 8 OTHER TRAINERS working for him, ranks all over the FIRST PAGE of Google for his Money Keywords, and just got back from a 6 WEEK (not day) vacation - and when he came back, his business was BIGGER than when he left. Oh yeah - Chris has been a Stomper just about 1 year now.

These case studies don't pull any punches either.

Listen for each Stomper's FRANK and Candid discussion of the StomperNet monthly tuition. Listen to how they talk about how both members AND Faculty discuss Controversial topics in the Member Forums.

Listen to how they GO OFF about the StomperNet live events. It's freakishly sharp and honest.

It's Tuesday, and StomperNet is opening again TOMORROW. Already the rush has begun for the very LIMITED number of slots they will make available. And once they're full, and I'm dead serious, they're closing. The last time they closed, THEY WERE CLOSED FOR A YEAR.

Watch those case-studies - they're all successful e-Business owners who took a chance, stuck it out, and WON. They have things to show you.

Tomorrow, StomperNet will make a STUNNING announcement. If you've ever wanted some personal attention for your business, you need to look for tomorrow's announcement. I can't tell you EXACTLY what it is, but... it has improved every StomperNet member's business by 68%.

If you have any direct questions on this email me. Email Tom

All the Best,


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StomperNet Internet Marketing University - Going Natural 2.0

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Registration for StomperNet Going Natural 2.0 opened on January 11th and SOLD OUT IN ONE WEEK! StomperNet may be opening up later this year... So Stay Tuned! More...

If you missed out this time you can get overview information at the following links:

1) Social Media Marketing - StomperNet White Paper

2) SMARTS (Social Media Marketing - Free Video)

3) If you missed the"SMARTS" Coaching Program