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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sneak Peek into StomperNet

StomperNet and Andy Jenkins have done it again. At 8 Minutes and 35 seconds into this latest video, you'll see one of the Game Changing Devices that StomperNet members have at their disposal.


In the last couple of videos, Andy's been asking folks to adopt "The Long View", you know, a reasoned, rational approach to deciding about StomperNet Membership. Hmmm, apparently that didn't work out so well. The comments on their Videos pages are getting a little silly.

Andy just told me that folks are leaving their credit card numbers in the comments.


As they're getting a little closer Andy thought it would be cool to do a SHORT video:


And this video is NOT for anyone that doesn't want to see what StomperNet is really like.

This video is called "Sneak Peak", because that's what it is. It's a machine gun-paced look at about of StomperNet's total universe. And YES, they know that "Peak" is spelled a funny way. That spelling means "The most extreme possible amount or value" - And that's what EVERYBODY at StomperNet believes your business will become when it's been Stomper-Fied.

Here's a quick Table of Contents:
  1. The "Event Horizon" - our Portal Entry Point.
  2. The Featured Resources. Coaches Corner - *** Note, in the video, youre going to find out that they've been giving personal ONE-on-ONE coaching to ALL NEW StomperNet members.
  3. Behind the Scenes Members Eye View - Wanna know how we market StomperNet? This is the place.
  4. Stomper Guide to SEO - an Online LIVING Guide to the latest SEO Statistics and Rules
  5. Scrutinizer - Stompers Custom Eye-Tracking and Foveal Simulator designed to double your site conversion.
  6. StomperNet Faculty Office Hours - May's schedule for the Faculty Teleseminars.
  7. The StomperDex - It's like a treasure Map, but at the X is REAL POWER, not Johnny Depp. ...you know what? Just watch the video...


Especially the part that starts at 8 minutes and 35 Seconds in. Why? Let me ask you a perfectly obvious question: If you had a personal coach, a STOMPER Trained Business coach to help you grow your business, do you think your business would do better, or worse?

The Stomper Members who have coaches do an average of 68% better. In just 6 weeks, the minimum revenue increase for Coached Members was $495.00 per month. The maximum was $4,900. Do you think those members are gonna stick around StomperNet longer?

So here's the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I referred to yesterday:

ALL NEW STOMPERNET Members will have access to a StomperCoach...

...at NO extra charge.

Yep, StomperNet tuition is the same as it was when it first opened in 2006 - about $27 a day. Thursday (TODAY!) at 3pm Eastern Time, StomperNet opens the doors.

So go check out the Video!


Best regards,


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